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29 Friends celebrates the idiosyncrasies of dancers and non-dancers alike, investigating what we do when we groove to our favorite tunes. Megan invited people from the street to dance to their favorite songs and created a piece for professional dancers based on the movements from the filmed ‘source material.’ The edited video is integrated into the choreography, revealing the process of the piece´s making and the choreographic inventiveness of every individual.

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directed by
Megan Metcalf

performed by
Beau Allulli, Marc Bleyer, Shanti Crawford, Megan Metcalf, Katy Myers, Katrina Toshiko

video by
Brian Wengrofsky, Connor Kalista

music by
Paul Hogan
contributions by
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special thanks
Alyssa Alpine, Marc Bleyer, Jared Cardon, Erin Carney, Hendrik Gerrits, Steffani Jemison, Melinda Lee, Karina Metcalf, Michael Metcalf, Clarisse Miller, UnionDocs, Zach Winnick
    HERE's American Living Room 2006
July 28 & 29, 2006

New Dance Alliance’s Performance Mix at Joyce SoHo
March 29, 2006

DNA's RAW Material at Dance New Amsterdam
March 17-19, 2006

WAXworks at Arts University Settlement
December 11, 2005


29 Friends was made possible by Swing Space, a program of Lower Manhattan Cultural Council,
generously supported by the September 11th Fund. Project Space donated by Silverstein Properties.